L'innovazione organizzativa per realizzare cambiamenti "smart"

Webinar in lingua inglese organizzato dalla confederazione "CEC European Managers" il 18 ottobre dalle 16:30 alle 18:30 sul tema "Making smart change happen with organizational evolution and innovation".

Marco Vezzani 

Deputy Secretary General of CEC European Managers and Head of the Working Group on Smart Change
How are companies and economic actors modifying their operational structure to cope with the complexity of the context in which they operate? And how do the traditional tools for fostering innovation (including from the perspective of building resilient eco-systems) need to evolve to embrace the challenge of open innovation and ensure effectiveness and sustainability in company proceedings?

For its series of webinars dedicated to analyzing how our companies and business models are adapting via smart change CEC European Managers, the European social partner organization representing the managerial workforce in Europe, is inviting you to join a debate on how innovation models and organizational dimensions are changing to better shape the business environment of today and tomorrow.

The first part of the webinar will look into open innovation as a new paradigm for cooperation among companies and creation of innovative and resilient ecosystems and will include concrete corporate examples. In the second block of the webinar, we will discuss the most recent trends in organizational development and design, identifying innovative examples of best practices, and putting these in a wider systemic context that looks at how they are reflected in societal terms.

Speakers of this webinar include:
  • Maroane Abdallaoui, European Managing Director, Mind the Bridge
  • Dr. hc. Violeta Bulc, Curator of Ecocivilisation and former EU Commissioner
  • Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer, Enel
  • Francesca Perrone, Head of Western UnionStart Lab and development programs, Unicredit
  • Nick Richmond, Director of Tricordant, certified Organization Design Professional

The event will be moderated by Nina Langerholc Cebokli, Vice-president of the section of young managers of Slovenia and organizational design consultant and Silvia Pugi,Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Manageritalia. Marco Vezzani, Deputy Secretary General of CEC European Managers and Head of the Working Group on Smart Change will be introducing the debate.


To register, please click here. You will receive more information upon registration. Please note that for organisational reasons the deadline to register for participation is Sunday 16 October.

For any information, please contact info@cec-managers.org

CEC represents the European Managers. As one of the six official European Social Partners, CEC makes sure that their voice is heard in the political arena. With its action, CEC brings managerial and leadership issues to the center of the public debate.
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